guernsey with a small g

This website is the moving, developing and evolving part of the ‘guernsey with a small g’ book.
Guernseys have been knitted in the island of Guernsey for over 200 years. But as always with everyday workings men’s clothing, their history is a little harder to pin down than that of the clothes of the rich and titled.  These clothes were not deemed important, their development was not consequently recorded  and early examples are not preserved.  A guernsey would be worn and passed on until it literally fell to pieces, often these natural fibres would be discarded on to the compost heap!
The book ‘guernsey with a small g’ records the history of the knitting industry in the island and the development from knitting stockings to knitting jumpers (that we have been able to trace).  But as I said this is an evolving project, and I know there are a lot of people out there who will have valuable knowledge, that would fill in the other parts of this jigsaw.  These pieces need to be recorded for prosperity. So if you would like to add to this archive please email us.  We will need to know the source of the information, if it is your mother or grandmother who did it, that is perfect.  But if it is your friends mothers cats cousin (!), then that might not be such a reliable source!!!!
So we would love to have your memories, knitting techniques, patterns, researched facts, images and photos.  Email them to us and we will update the website and together we can build an archive on our timeless ‘guernsey’ for the future.