27 April 2019

My wife Jenny and I had our photos taken, for the board, at the Information place.
I may be offering information you already have about the early manufacturing of the guernsey. This was started in the 1950’s by Mrs Marjory Renouf who lived at Mon Desire, Bunker Hill, L’Ancresse and was about four doors from where I lived. My late sister worked on the guernseys at Mon Desire when she was young. Mrs Renouf had Knltmaster machines in her house. The ribs, shoulders, neck, under-arm gussets, were all knitted by hand into the main body. All the guernseys had a label with a large R on one side and referred to Mrs Renouf and that the garment was made in Guernsey. The person who could help you with Mrs Renouf is her daughter, Mrs Pamela Dorey, the artist who lives by Kings Mills and whose son Mark is a States Deputy.

24 April 2019

I’m not sure if you have the following facts. I apologise for wasting your time if you already do.
I was a serving police officer from 1974 to 1999, and, during this time the force had, as part of it’s uniform issue, a V neck guernsey, made by Guernsey Woollens. They were black, and, the reason for the V neck was so that you could see the tie! From a distance the garment looked like a jacket! The police crest and name was engraved on the left breast. Upon my retirement, I requested to keep mine, because it was going to be discarded, on condition I removed the name and badge, which I duly did, and still wear it to this day. It will see me out!
Kind regards.
Barry Hockey